XR and the Self-Inflicted Trough of Disillusionment

JasonDesign, Diversity, Technology, UX

Have you ever wondered why the tech hype cycle’s trough of disillusionment seems more like an inescapable black hole when it comes to XR? Many have offered their thoughts about why the road to mainstream acceptance of VR/AR/MR has been so bumpy, but there are still some elephants in the room we never really talk about… Read the full article … Read More

VR in 2016: Reality Check

JasonTechnology, UX

First generation retail VR head mounted displays have not only failed to live up to the hype, they’ve proven to be dangerous in a number of common use cases, they cause a majority of new users to experience nausea and vertigo, and there’s precious little high-quality content to justify the price of the head-mounted units (HMU) and high-end computers required … Read More